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    avon dumpster rental


    If you are a Avon resident and require a dumpster for any purpose, such as a renovation or remodeling project, the following information will help make the rental process easier. Although not a complicated endeavor, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the information you will be required to provide when securing your rental. If you are like most individuals, your ultimate goal is to save time and money.

    Therefore, there are three basic steps you should follow when renting a dumpster in Avon, IN.

    Your first task should be to gather all the facts that the dumpster rental company will require prior to giving you a price quote.

    Next, you should familiarize yourself with the best questions to ask before you select a company. This is because obtaining the appropriate information will ensure that the final price for the rental does not exceed the initial quote by more than a nominal amount.

    Finally, in order to prevent damage to your property, you must select a proper location in which to place the dumpster for the duration of your project.

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    Getting Organized Prior to Requesting Estimates

    It is always wise to take a few moments to gather essential information that each dumpster rental company will need in order to provide the most reasonable quote. Do not rush through this task, as the more thorough you are, the better your chances of getting a highly accurate quote. In most cases, you must provide three essential pieces of information to each rental company from whom you are requesting an estimate:

    Best Dumpster Rental in Avon INThe dumpster rental company will ask you what kind of waste material you will be placing in the dumpster. They will also want to know an approximate amount of material that you will be disposing of during your renovations or other projects. The company can then recommend an appropriate size container for your individual needs. Rental canisters of this type usually come in one of four sizes: 40, 30, 20 or 10 yards.

    If you are unsure about the exact amount of material you need to dispose, it is best to choose a larger size unit, as this will ultimately help you to avoid the need for a second rental if the first proves insufficient. Roll off container rental companies will also be able to inform you of the various materials that are prohibited from being disposed of in a dumpster.

    After an appropriate size has been determined, you will then be asked about the duration of your project, and the date on which you will need the container to be delivered. This allows various rental companies to check their inventory and ensure that they have the size dumpster you require for that length of time and on that date. In most cases, contacting dumpster rental companies a week in advance is a wise course of action. This will ensure that your dumpster will be delivered on the date you require.

    Obtaining Price Quotes From Dumpster Rental Companies

    Best Dumpster Rental in Avon INAfter you have gathered the information the rental company needs, you must begin to narrow down your choices in order to ensure the most suitable establishment is selected. One of the best avenues through which to accomplish this task is to acquire word-of-mouth referrals from any individuals you know who have used such services in the past. Reading online reviews is also helpful, as it provides a way for you to get unbiased opinions about various dumpster rental companies. As you might suspect, any company that appears to have a history of complaints should be crossed off your list. Identifying dumpster rental companies with positive reputations can also be accomplished through contacting your local Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB has no authority over a company’s business practices, it maintains a log of complaints and what was done, if anything, to remedy these issues.

    After making a list of all your options, telephone each business to obtain a quote. In addition to the aforementioned information, you should also ask the following questions:

    The information on which the quote is based will vary from one Indianapolis roll off container rental company to the next. Some quotes are solely based on the size of the canister, while other companies also take weight limits into consideration. Asking whether or not there is a weight limit is an essential question when you are contacting various establishments. If a weight limit exists, be sure to ask about the amount of any additional fees if you exceed that limit.
    When the canister is removed from your property and taken to a local landfill, charges may apply. Therefore, do not forget to ask if the quoted price includes landfill charges or if the latter will be applied separately. Asked about penalties as well, such as those that apply to disposing prohibited materials in the container. Upon request, most companies will provide a list of prohibited items to which you can refer.

    Another type of penalty is one that may be imposed if you exceed the time limit for which you rented the canister. Therefore, you should inquire about this fee as well, just in case you need to keep the container longer than you anticipated. Once these aspects are addressed, you will be ready to select a company. However, prior to finalizing your plans, you may wish to consider whether or not a junk removal company may be cheaper in the long run than renting a dumpster.

    When Your Dumpster Arrives

    avon-dumpster-deliveryAfter choosing a company, you must prepare the area where your roll off container will be placed. It is essential that the rental company have easy access to this area. If planning to place the bin on your street, check with your local City Hall to determine whether or not a permit is necessary.

    It is not recommended that you place the dumpster on grassy or soft areas. This is because roll off containers are exceptionally heavy and can do considerable damage if proper support is not in place.

    If the unit will be located in your concrete driveway or other outdoor area, place plywood or other sturdy material under the wheels to avoid damaging the driveway or patio area.

    Never fill the canister higher than its walls. This is because the rental company must cover it during transportation to the landfill area.

    Ultimately, gathering the appropriate information prior to speaking with various dumpster rental companies, asking about fees above and beyond the standard price quote, and making sure the dumpster is appropriately placed, will ensure that you avoid unnecessary damage to your property and help to make your project a success.

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